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Where Do I Begin To Tell My Story
by Sharon Barnett © 2005

Sometimes in life Spirit guides us to be in the right place at the right time for the next step to be taken on our path in life. That’s how it was for me with Divine Intervention and Light Language. It happened almost simultaneously at my first session with a Divine Intervention Facilitator. Not only did I get to experience a healing with DI, but I was also presented the opportunity to attend a Beginning Light Language class a few days later. I was intrigued with both. I had been working with healing energies all my adult life. The Divine Intervention felt very powerful and I had amazing results during my healing session. I was particularly interested in the Light Language because the flyer I received mentioned sacred geometry and I had been experiencing seeing geometric shapes during my meditation periods. And so began my new journey….

The Beginning Light Language class was the first in my studies with the ancient Mayan healing modalities. It was my first conscious experience of a “caught teaching.” Caught teaching means about 10% of the information is given verbally and 90% is passed from the teacher’s auric field to the student’s auric field. Spirit allowed time for me to integrate that basic class. A few months later I was able to take a Divine Intervention two-week intensive. And, intense it was! Divine Intervention is also a “caught teaching.” I learned the different dimensions and frequencies. I also learned how to hold a specific dimension and frequency for healing to occur. I began attending “night school” where I received information while I slept. I started learning how to “be” the healer at all times. For me Divine Intervention became more than “just” another healing modality, it became a way of life.

I received an ordination as a minister and made a commitment to start seeing clients and developing my healing skills. I also began holding healing clinics in my home to bring more awareness of Divine Intervention to the community. The more I practiced holding healing space, the more aware I became of everyone and everything in my life. I became the healing space. Spirit made it clear to me that one day I would teach these modalities and more. I could hardly wait to begin, but I was guided to understand that I needed to integrate all that I had learned. In other words, I was guided to allow the process to unfold. After a period of integration, I took Intermediate and Advanced Light Language and fell in love with the techniques. Like Divine Intervention, Light Language became a way of life and I learned to blend the two technologies together. I also became more aware of the importance of serving and expressing my gratitude to the lineage that brought Light Language and Divine Intervention into my life.

I began to spend as much time as possible in the presence of my teachers in the lineage. I retook some of the classes they taught and took new classes they offered. This added more modalities to my healer’s tool belt. I also sponsored some of my teachers’ classes. This way I could give service and support to my teachers and the lineage. It also meant I got to be in their auric field. To the unconscious observer it may have appeared only that I was working very hard for the teachers. But that was not the case. The teacher was continuously feeding me information. Remember, information is passed from the teacher’s auric field to the student’s auric field. I worked hard and was blessed in return by my teachers. They gave generously on both conscious and subconscious levels. I received an immense wealth of information in that manner and for that I am eternally grateful.

After a year had passed, I began looking forward to the opportunity of taking the next step in my journey that would lead to teaching. That step was to begin student teaching a seven month long Divine Intervention Intensive. A seven-month DI class meets one week-end a month for seven months instead of the 24/7 two week class. I had learned Divine Intervention on the level of holding healing space for someone and now I was ready to learn another level of DI. The level of DI student teacher is very different from being a healer of the modality and is also different from being the teacher of the class.

Finally, the opportunity came for me to assist in a Divine Intervention class as a student teacher! What an honor to work with a Master Teacher in such a way. It was well worth the hard work. A DI student teacher is the go-between the teachers and the students of the class. The student teacher aids the teacher in preparation of the class, holding the energy of the class, gauging the student’s needs and growth, and much more. I learned to hold the energy of the class while teaching small portions of the class. It was an even more intense process than being a student of Divine Intervention. At times the amount of information passed on from my teacher’s aura was almost overwhelming!

While taking the seven month DI course, I began student teaching another healing class, called Intra-dimensional Web working. About three quarters of the way through both classes I was able to take the week long teacher’s training class for Light Language. My conscious and subconscious life became very full as I learned to hold the energies for teaching all of these very powerful methods of healing. My level of service deepened as did my capacity to hold healing space. I learned to become even more aware of everyone and everything around me.

As a teacher of these powerful healing modalities my conscious awareness continues to grow. I now teach each of these healing modalities on a conscious level so that the students intellectually understand the information presented. I also hold and emanate the energies of each of these healing modalities while teaching so that the students’ subconscious minds receive the information. As a teacher I am also very aware of how each student is processing the information, how the class is processing the information, and how surrounding environment is receiving and processing the information. I am very grateful to Spirit for guiding me on my path and to the lineage who continue to support and provide me with opportunities for growth and self-mastery.