The Chapel
The center has seating for up to 327 people, which will provide us with the venue The Dome necessary to facilitate large gatherings and educational workshops. Kitchen and dining facilities offer a place where we can dine together as a community and break bread. With plenty of lodging nearby, everyone will have a place to stay, play, and relax.

Inside the geodesic dome, the sacred geometry can be seen on the walls and ceiling. Different shapes and patterns are revealed, as shadow and light play across their planes and angles. The downward direction of the panes in the window remind us of our connection to the earth. In the center of the dome's ceiling, five triangular skylights form a dodecahedron with a star in the center.

Outside, the natural qualities of the exterior complement the environment. The sacred geometry is alsThe Front Doorso apparent in the external structure. With simplicity and symmetry, the dome contributes to an aura of serenity and balance. The white spire points the way upward to our connection with source. Special energies imbue the surrounding The Domearea, making this a truly sacred site.

All of these things will assist our spiritual development and evolution of consciousness. We will prepare ourselves to move forward in this age of the third-eye energies. Join us in becoming the vanguard that will lead the new millennium. We look forward to what the future holds. To learn more about upcoming conferences at this new location, please see Starr's Schedule.


How did this all come about?

Starr and Art
While vacationing in Hot Springs, Starr Fuentes and Art Jackson were presented with a unique opportunity. Spirit engineered circumstances in such a way as to put them in the right place, at the right time. The sale and purchase of this property and facility were the perfect divine solution to a piece of Starr's vision — a gathering place for teachers, healers, and students. And … it was the birthday present of a lifetime!

Dome Ceiling Crystals in the Dome Painted Rock Chandelier
Crystal Table
Entry Way Table


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